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Monty Bennett

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board at Ashford Inc.

Monty Bennett

Monty Bennett is a renowned leader in the hospitality industry who has established a reputation for excellence through his innovative and ethical leadership style. He is the founder of Remington Hotels, a company known for its exceptional hospitality services and employee support.

Bennett's leadership style focuses on giving everyone a voice and ensuring that employees' ideas are heard before making significant decisions. He believes this type of openness drives a high-performance culture and helps people build their careers within the company. He has mastered the art of forecasting at the executive level, enabling him to make well-informed decisions that benefit the company and its investors.

Bennett has set specific goals for himself and his company, ensuring that he has metrics in mind as he manages the complex duties of his position. For example, when he spun off Ashford Inc. from Ashford Hospitality Trust, he aimed to deliver strong results to his investors, demonstrating the quality of different properties and how attractive their margins could be to the savvy investor.

Throughout his career, Bennett has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence and a willingness to think through each problem before making decisions. He understands how important it is to ensure that his investors perceive everything from the size to the liquidity of different assets. He has tailored his approach based on the speciality of each asset. Bennett's success is rooted in his consistency and leadership, and he continues to make significant contributions to the hospitality industry today.